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Discover the Most Popular Types of Hair Highlights for Stunning Dimension

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Highlighting your hair can be a great way to add dimension and texture to your look, but with so many different types of highlights out there, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. If you’re looking to switch up your style, this guide will help you discover the most popular types of hair highlights and learn how each type works best. From foil highlights for bold contrast to balayage for natural-looking streaks, we’ll provide all the information you need to choose the perfect type of highlights for you.

Understanding the Different Types of Hair Highlights

Whether you’re looking for a subtle look or something more bold, there’s a type of highlight that can help you achieve the look you want.

Hair highlights are a coloring technique used to add dimension and depth to the hair. They involve lightening specific sections of the hair to create contrast with the base color. Highlights can be achieved using various methods, such as foiling, balayage, or babylights, depending on the desired effect. They can be applied to any hair color and can range from subtle, natural-looking highlights to more dramatic, bold ones. Highlights can be customized to complement the individual’s skin tone and personal style, creating a beautiful, multi-dimensional look. Here are the most popular types of highlights:

Foiled Highlights by Raven Deere located at Good Hair Collective in Severna Park, MD.

Foil Highlights for a Bold Contrast

Foil highlights are one of the most popular types of highlights because they provide a bold contrast between light and dark tones. They work best with medium to long hair lengths, as shorter strands won’t be able to hold enough dye for a noticeable difference in color. With foil highlights, your stylist will section off small pieces of hair and carefully apply lightener or permanent dye before wrapping them in aluminum foil so that the heat from the lightening process is concentrated on those sections.

Babylights or baby highlights by Sammy Watkins at Good Hair Collective in the Annapolis MD area.

Babylights for Subtle Highlights

If you’re looking to switch up your style without making a drastic change, babylights may be what you need. This technique offers a subtle, sun-kissed effect that’s free of harsh lines and can be personalized to suit any hair texture and color. The process uses a cap or a fine weave in foils to create ultra-fine streaks of light, which are then saturated in lightener or dye and finished off with toners or glosses for extra sparkle.

Babylights are ideal for those seeking an easy and low-maintenance way to add some dimension to their look. Plus, they tend to last longer than other types of highlights since the colors fade gradually over time, so regular touch-ups aren’t as necessary.

That said, it’s important to keep in mind that achieving the desired result may take several visits as babylights need time to develop and grow out naturally. You’ll want to make sure you choose your hairstylist carefully—a trained professional will know how best to achieve your desired look while blending different shades into one seamless finish. With its range of customization options and effortless upkeep, babylights provide an easy way for you to add subtle highlights without fully changing your look.

Balayage by Sammy Watkins at Good Hair Collective in the MIllersville, MD area.

Balayage for Natural-Looking Highlights

If you want to update your look without committing to a drastic change, balayage is the perfect choice. This French term translates to “to sweep” or “to paint,” which perfectly describes the hand-painting technique used for this highlighting method. The end result looks like natural sun-kissed highlights, and they can be blended in anywhere from one highlight strand up to an entire head of highlights.

The great thing about balayage is that it requires very little maintenance compared to other types of highlights, usually only needing touch-ups every few months depending on your desired look and lifestyle habits. As long as you keep up with regular trims, your balayaged locks should last quite some time before needing any major upkeep. No heat needs to be applied during the process either, making it ideal for those with sensitive scalps or who don’t want too much damage done to their hair.

The amount of product used depends on how intense you want your highlights to be—from gentle blondes to bright reds and everything in between—but they will always look soft and blended due to the hand-painting effect that gives this look its signature sun-kissed finish. With balayage, you can get just the right amount of lift without overdoing it.

Color Melting for a Multi-Toned Look

For those looking for a multi-toned look, consider color melting. This technique uses a specialized hair color formulation to blend subtle hues, creating a seamless and natural-looking effect. It is best suited for those with naturally dark hair, as it adds subtle dimension and depth. To achieve the desired results, two to three colors are usually required and should be applied by a professional stylist for precision and accuracy.

Color melting works by combining two or more shades of hair color into one single hue so that everything blends seamlessly. This allows for more creative freedom and coloring your hair without having any harsh lines or visible stripes in between the different colors. It can also work great for blending gray hairs, as the lighter colors will be blended in with the darker ones, creating an even look all over your head.

When you get your hair highlighted using this technique, your stylist will start by separating strands of hair into four or five sections so they can apply each shade separately without mixing them together. They will then paint on each shade separately, starting at the root area and slowly working towards the tips of your strands to achieve an even spread of color throughout your hair. Once they’ve finished applying each shade, they will brush through everything carefully until all of the colors are blended in fully and evenly distributed throughout your locks.

The end result of this process is soft, natural-looking highlights that provide definition and texture without any visible lines separating them from one another—a beautiful multi-toned look that will have heads turning.

Wrapping Up

The world of hair highlights offers a plethora of options to suit every individual’s style and preference. From the timeless elegance of traditional foil highlights to the sun-kissed naturalness of balayage, there is a highlight technique for everyone.

Embrace the artistry of color and dimension, and let your hair shine with confidence. Consult with a professional stylist to discover the perfect highlight technique that will accentuate your features and bring out your unique beauty. With the right highlights, you can truly make a statement and express your personal style.

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But Good Hair Collective isn’t just for clients. Christen has crafted it to be a forward-thinking salon for artists as well, creating a space where innovation and creativity in hair artistry are nurtured and celebrated.

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