Specialty Hair Color

Lived-in hair color specialists in Severna Park, Maryland.

Ready for a hair refresh? Our 2 Hour Color option is perfect for those seeking a root touch up or an all-over, single color update. Need a more accurate appointment time estimate? Complete our Client Intake Form and schedule a 30-minute consultation. Just remember that appointment times may shift based on your hair type, stylist suggestions, or unexpected color roadblocks. Let's get started!

2 Hour Color

Want a stylish and multi-dimensional look? Consider our 3 or 4 Hour Color! You can choose from highlights, multi-color, or balayage. To get a custom booking time, fill out our Client Intake Form and have a 30-minute consultation. Keep in mind, appointments can change depending on your hair type, artist direction, and color challenges.

3 or 4 Hour Color

Ready for a bold color transformation or shedding that dark, permanent shade? Plan for at least 5 hours to achieve that transition; we want to make it perfect! To ensure that we deliver an outstanding outcome and waste no time on the day of your appointment, we advise scheduling a 30-minute consultation beforehand. This way, we can ensure that our colorists are adequately prepared and ready to give you the experience of a lifetime. Before booking, please complete our Client Intake Form. Please remember that all appointments are dependent on various factors such as consultation results, hair type, and color challenges, so some flexibility may be required.

5+ Hour Color

Color Timing

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