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The Skinny on Sunscreen and Hair Extensions

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Summer is almost here, and it’s the best time to show off your sun-kissed skin and luscious locks. If you’re sporting hair extensions, it’s important to protect them from the harsh rays of the sun by applying sunscreen. But, did you know that certain ingredients in sunscreen can cause your extensions to change color? If you have blonde hair extensions, you should be wary of avobenzone, one of the most common ingredients in sunscreens. We’ll take an in-depth look at why avobenzone can affect hair extensions and what you can do to prevent it.

Avobenzone Sunscreen

What is Avobenzone?

Avobenzone is a synthetic compound that is commonly used in many sunscreens to protect against UVA rays. It is effective in blocking the harmful rays by converting the UV radiation into less harmful energy. However, what most people don’t know is that avobenzone can cause discoloration in your hair extensions if not used carefully.

How Does Avobenzone Affect Hair Extensions?

If your hair extensions are blonde, they are more susceptible to discoloration by avobenzone. Avobenzone can react with the keratin protein in the hair extensions and break down the pigments that give it color. This chemical reaction can cause the extensions to turn into a peachy or orangey shade that will ruin the blonde color you were aiming for. If you have dark-colored hair extensions, you may also notice a slight discoloration, but it isn’t as noticeable as with blonde hair extensions.

Hair Extensions
Avobenzone Sunscreen for Discoloration

What Can You Do to Prevent Discoloration?

The best way to prevent your hair extensions from turning into unwanted shades is to avoid using sunscreens that contain avobenzone. Instead, you can opt for physical sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. These ingredients form a barrier on your skin that reflects the UV rays instead of absorbing them. Alternatively, you can cover your hair extensions with a hat or headscarf when you’re out in the sun. This will not only protect them from discoloration but also from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

How to Fix Discolored Hair Extensions?

If you’ve already noticed that your hair extensions have changed color due to sunscreen, you don’t need to panic just yet. We have a special service just for the summer, “I’ve Been Sunscreened”. Book this appointment that is 2 hours long and we will do our best to get your color as close to the original color as possible. Please note that this is a temporary solution and that your extensions will probably always be slightly discolored until you decide to buy new hair.

Discolored Hair Extensions

It’s crucial to protect your hair extensions from sun damage, especially if you have lighter-colored extensions. While avobenzone is an effective ingredient in sunscreens, it can cause discoloration that can be difficult to fix. Remember to choose physical sunscreens or cover your hair extensions with a hat or headscarf when you’re out in the sun. If you do experience discoloration, reach out to us so we can try to remove the chemicals and re-color your extensions. With these tips, you can enjoy your summer while keeping your extensions looking amazing!

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